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Innoplay Studio training

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On the 3rd-5th May 2023, Richard and Callum from Space Youth Services took part in the Innoplay Studio training, facilitated by AYCH Cluster Hub: Exeter University. The three days saw Callum and Rich explore what a playful approach to innovation and education can look like for Youth Work and Entrepreneurship, and beyond. 

Facilitators Adam Lusby, Maarten Koeners, and Helena Fornwagner, focussed on the creative design thinking process, as developed by the Stanford D School, whilst bringing their own learning into the mix  from the worlds of Business, Medicine, and Behavioural Economics. The result is an exciting approach to innovation that is hard to find anywhere else.

By paying close attention to, pre-empting, and planning for a learner’s emotional reaction to how teaching is presented leads to the brilliant Innoplay Studio concept of ‘DJing the room’. Callum and Rich left the training with a ‘playlist’ of activities and approaches that can help learners achieve a suitable state of mind for tasks being presented to them. This is invaluable learning that Space Youth Services can bring into its wider practice, and Rich and Callum can build into upcoming AYCH projects. 

The AYCH connection to the Innoplay Studio will continue, as Callum will return as a guest facilitator on the next Innoplay Course in July, deeping the connection between AYCH Project Partners, and their local Cluster Hubs. 

One key player in the training was Elmo (yes, that Elmo), whose appearance was a friendly reminder to wrap up what you are saying. E. L. M. O. of course stands for ‘Enough, Let’s Move On’. And with that, if you would like any more information on the exciting future of Innoplay, Exeter University, or Creative Design Thinking Methodology, please contact  and, or