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A Raposeira

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“A Raposeira” envisions a dynamic, inclusive space where community members can gather, engage in urban activities, and foster a sense of belonging. This multifunctional building will feature art studios, performance spaces, co-working areas, recreational zones, and more, all designed to encourage social interaction and creativity.

Our project seeks to revitalize neighborhoods by promoting cultural diversity, supporting local artists, and offering a platform for collaborative endeavors. We aim to rekindle the spirit of community and ignite the cultural essence of Santiago de Compostela in every corner of the city.

Join us in making “A Raposeira” a reality and be part of this transformative journey to revitalize our city neighborhoods, bringing people together to celebrate culture, creativity, and connection. Together, we’ll write a new chapter in the story of Santiago de Compostela’s urban revival.

Developed by:

Sara, Carla, Fran, Pablo, Diego